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“blockchain technology is the next step in natural evolution of money. From coins to bills, from bills to cards, it's about time for the next step from cards to blockchain. In a couple decades it will be as obvious as a common bank transfer today.”

Tomas is passionate about solving challenging problems in the world; for instance, he was already involved in independent research at Czech Academy of Sciences by the time he finished high school. Naturally, Tomas went on to graduate with an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London in 2019 after winning a rare and competitive Merit scholarship from Kellner Family Foundation for exceptional talent.


Overall, Tomas has an extraordinary track record in research and academia having worked in more than 5 major research institutes, authored 4 scientific publications and received an award for the best research presentation out of 400 participants at IYNC 2016 in China. He has also been awarded 3 prizes in Technology and Trading focused hackathons including a 1st prize in the BlackRock Algorithmic Trading Hackathon and the Accenture ‘Most Ethical Hack’ Award.

Tomas’s first taste of the business world was with McKinsey & Company where he was helping a prestigious large online retailer adopt the technology and infrastructure to better efficiency in sales organisation, planning and time management. However, his desire for more mathematical work lead Tomas to setup and direct a Student Crypto Quant Group where he had license to go deep into NLP, Machine learning and sentiment analysis on behalf of a Private Equity firm. Tomas has been in the blockchain space ever since. Before Crypton, he gained experience at CoinShares; the first regulated cryptocurrency hedge fund in the world. Here he helped build the entire infrastructure for their systematic trading strategies (algorithmic strategies and social media sentiment analysis).

After discovering Crypton and aligning with the mission we are on; Tomas decided to join us as a Junior AI Quantitative Analyst. Tomas brings a unique trifecta of academic rigour, data science and BI skills to our team; giving us yet a greater edge in understanding the Digital Asset Markets.

Junior AI-Quant 

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