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“Financial markets will become more like crypto, and crypto will become more like financial markets, and that is exciting. To do this job well you have to have the right team and we have the most prolific team in place to make this happen”

Completing his degree in banking and international finance at City University in London, gave Steve a grounding in mathematical trading, finance and economics. He began his trading career at NatWest Markets as a foreign exchange trader, as a graduate, which was excellent grounding before moving on to trade fixed income at Greenwich NatWest, BNP Paribas and Spear, Leeds & Kellogg.

Steve understands client flows and real demand for assets. Following the acquisition of Spear, Leeds & Kellogg he joined Goldman Sachs, where he was involved in establishing Goldman’s equity derivatives automated market-making business and developed systematic trading strategies as part of Goldman’s proprietary trading business – with huge success.

JCH management was set up in 2004, when Steve left Goldman Sachs. With Steve at the helm of JCH, it saw positive returns every year, his intuition when it comes to trading is second to none. Steve sold the company back to the partners and started with CRYPTON.

At CRYPTON Steve and the team have created an intelligent digital asset trading platform called YODA which automatically predicts the short-term change in prices of cryptocurrencies to then automatically execute trades and / or makes markets. They have integrated into multiple exchanges, trading multiple digital assets with multiple investment strategies

Co-Founder | CIO  

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