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“To me the Crypto and the blockchain arena is one of the biggest revolutions that has ever been, I believe it is in its infancy and will become the norm. We are part of an evolution that will change people’s lives all over the world”

Having studied civil engineering, and reaching a masters at Nottingham University, Sam travelled extensively working across various engineering projects in his early years. Problem solving comes naturally to Sam with a diligent eye for detail, he is able to succinctly change systems to make them work to a higher efficiency, a gift that has enabled him to merge seamlessly into the world of AI and data science.


Sam immersed himself into studying data science and AI, quickly understanding the global impact this area will have on the future of our society. Having researched into the latest start-ups, Sam reached out to Pivigo, a data science school who train PHD students to be data scientists and launched into a business management role building and maintaining their projects, whilst there, Sam single-handedly grew their corporate client base


In his Business Development role at CRYPTON, Sam ensures the company operates like a machine; spreading deep trust in Crypton’s knowledge, tech and people.

Business Development 

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