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“We can generate high returns at low risk – we truly understand the dynamics of the digital asset market and coupled with the unique and powerful algorithms our team create, we deliver risk-adjusted returns for institutional investors.”

Starting his early career in advertising, Neil rose to head of sales within a few months, his talent and motivation to succeed was recognised quickly and continued to search for that great company, later joining Microsoft as Enterprise Solutions Director in 2008. Disillusioned with the greatest company on earth Neil joined a Google Cloud partner under the tutelage of the Managing Director, who mentored and led the largest and complex contracts that spearheaded the change for British businesses to go digital.

Neil’s innate capacity as a solutions architect to understand complex enterprises, change management and his ability to immerse himself into intricate problem solving – has led him to deliver some of their most prolific and profitable FTSE 100 clients. The Google Cloud brought opportunities to businesses never known before, externalising Google’s infrastructure meant Big Data solutions were commercially viable for the first time and Neil led the first of these projects.

With a proven track record and wanting to move into the most cutting edge of technology, Neil found the first and largest data science school in Europe. Neil led the practice design helping organisations overcome business problems with practical artificial intelligence (AI). Throughout his time at the data science school, Neil led the strategic partnerships with Capco, Google and Microsoft, aiding them to revolutionise customer behavioural models to advance their clients businesses.

His robust work ethic makes Neil highly credible and accomplished, not only genuine, he has an instinctive ability to bring the right people, who believe in a shared philosophy and leadership, together to form a great team that obsess over data, professionalism and execution.

Having founded a number of hugely successful start-ups such as Electron, a blockchain company for energy systems, he also set up SALON X, the first tokenized film finance company, which means for the first time ever, sophisticated investors can invest in potentially blockbuster films at low risk.  

Neil’s vision for Crypton is to lead the transformation of investment by digitising asset ownership that enables digital assets to be traded peer to peer and transactions settled instantly, creating a better investment instrument that is genuinely more profitable than the current system allows. By using AI Crypton are able to predict the volatility of digital assets markets such as USD-BTC, mitigating the risk allows institutions to invest into these volatile and emerging markets. Crypton’s vast experience in finance, data science and blockchain plus the partnership with Ashurst, the tier 1 capital markets global law firm, ensures Crypton is building the new “Google of digital assets”.

Founder | CEO  

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