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"The opportunities in this space are unprecedented. It's going to be really fun to watch how it all unfolds ;)"

Mark is an expert developer, project manager, financial engineer, quantitative analyst and risk manager with an unorthodox and relentless commercial track record. Having learned to write code on a BBC Micro, Mark builds new software, and re-engineers existing software, sometimes just for the sake of his own personal convenience. Mark grew up disassembling and reassembling electrical objects, lawnmower engines and anything he could get his hands on in order to figure out how things work. Eventually, Mark’s natural proclivity for understanding high performance computing led him to study software engineering.

Mark’s early career was in developing online multiplayer computer games and interactive advertising campaigns, where he produced several award winning pieces for the likes of Abbey National, Film4 and Sony. After setting up his own business to create high performance graphics plug-ins for high-end non-linear video effects systems, Mark was selected to work for Transitive, where he nurtured the foundations of what he knows today. After his first project with Silicon Graphics, people around him quickly realised the power of Mark’s inventive mind, as he also took part in the research, development and the application of several software algorithm patents. “Once you’ve made one computer run on another computer faster than that original computer could ever run, you very quickly learn a few tricks in computing.”

Having mastered software engineering, Mark wished to work closer with people and apply his technical efficacy from a higher level with the goal of managing and reducing risk of project failure for technical projects. He sought out a new challenge in Project Management, initially leading digital marketing campaigns and producing

television commercials.


Mark later became heavily involved in Gameplay mechanics and stories, working with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on developing, augmented reality games for PS3 and PSP that featured novel algorithms for analysing in-game activity and engagement.


Mark later took up the role of Senior Project Manager for BEING and rolled out a portfolio of digital projects and data-driven innovations for British Airways. This included the company's largest project; an interactive photorealistic customer experience of multiple British Airways cabin classes. Mark’s competence in project delivery knows no bounds, from his lead involvement in The Gruffalo theme park attraction at Chessington World of Adventures, to a role at Google implementing developments for their infamous Chrome platform and Google Science Fair. Mark’s fluency in software, computer graphics, production and risk management has extended to the auto industry, where he has helped drive pre-launch campaigns and motor show events into the new digital age for the likes of

Ford and Jaguar Land Rover.


Mark’s introduction into the financial sector started with HSBC Global Private Bank, where he led a migration programme to de-risk the bank’s regional web properties. Mark implemented gold standard global infrastructure upgrades for HSBC in

digital marketing and web properties.


More recently Mark, has transitioned into the role of a senior quant developer and trader, building high frequency low latency automated trading platforms and applying new trading strategies to them. Mark’s desire for optimal computational speed and connectivity has inevitably led to ultra-low latency trading execution and dramatic increases in order fill rates. Mark is applying this genius to Crypton’s cutting-edge trading infrastructure, on top of ensuring that the company’s systems are 100% secure and robust.

Project Manager 

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