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“Crypto currencies will come to dominate the financial markets and will become very desirable”

For CRYPTON Justin curates coding projects in order to develop and integrate Crypton's system into  cryptocurrency exchanges, which enables us to see clearly how the markets are performing. The role is necessary to being able to create a platform for trading to take place.

As an undergraduate, Justin read and studied Formal Logic, a branch of maths, also known as Symbolic Logic. It’s the method of representing logical expressions through the use of symbols and variables, rather than in ordinary language. Justin later studied and completed Discrete Maths, an essential discipline for computer and data science before going on to pursue his PHD


Before studying for his PHD Justin spent some time working with a start-up educational firm, creating tutoring programs for disadvantaged kids. Justin, as their Regional Director bought about a change in the US educational practice delivering new programs with great success.

His superior coding skills accrued in programming languages, as well as his work in developing a programme for automatic analysis, allows him to cleverly evaluate data and determine patterns.


Having developed the Crypton infrastructure to communicate with exchanges, his architecture of the application is truly unique to the market. By testing this architecture of code, Crypton have come up with a strategy that will ensure continued leadership in their field.

Solutions Architect  

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