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"With every year that passes, we increasingly come to understand the value of every object as a derivative of the data that describes it. Data is now more valuable than oil, and blockchain is the turning point of this transition for financial markets. What comes next are unprecedented opportunities for investors, financiers, the oppressed, Big Tech, and everyone in between!"

David was drawn to maths at a young age; fascinated by how some of the most complex problems of the world could be reduced to mathematical equations. He received his MMath in Mathematical Sciences in 2017 from Durham University where he focused on Topology and Algebraic Number Theory. During the summers of 2015, 2016 respectively, he interned in Direct Tax at EY and in Corporate Treasury at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Outside of lectures, David discovered a passion for quant trading, enthused by how mathematical reasoning could be combined with clear, objective thinking to find alpha. David has since become a pure maths graduate with a fierce edge.

Later, David was selected for a PhD in Lattice-based Cryptography and Quantum Computing at Imperial College London, developing quantum attacks on new cryptosystems. David is still undertaking this research, combining his appetite for ‘new maths’ with cutting edge quantum computing and AI. He has also worked part time as a research associate at Outsmart Insight on blockchain and multiplexing projects for BAE Systems.

In 2018, David won the Reinforcement Learning Trading Challenge sponsored by the Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College and the Citadel UK Datathon. He has been affiliated with Crypton ever since, recognising that it is the perfect environment to cultivate and implement his advanced, hybridised skills. At Crypton, David is helping to pioneer the way digital asset markets are understood and trades are executed by applying the latest breakthrough methods in machine learning.


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