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“New technology has disrupted the financial sector by creating more choice for all consumers; that has been the exciting outcome rather than our over reliance on the incumbent high street banks.”

Craig has always enjoyed working with numbers, not just because they portray the facts, but also because of their power in forecasting and stress testing certain scenarios. Throughout his 12+ year career, Craig has established himself as a senior finance and commercial leader who is undeterred by obstacles and committed to advancing standards of operational fineness. Whilst he can deliver financial models, cost control and commercial tenders, Craig can also understand the importance of harnessing team strengths to improve companywide performance and drive revenue. Furthermore, he has a proven gift for building consensus among executive teams and stakeholders to promote transparency and influence positive change.


Craig entered the world of finance as an Audit Executive at Ernst & Young LLP. After the 2008 financial crisis, he was drafted in for a secondment opportunity with RBS working on several key strategic projects. RBS quickly recognised Craig’s craving for challenge and offered him a permanent role within their Retail and Wealth Asset Management Division where he seamlessly rose through the ranks and became the Financial Controller for the division before taking up a regulated financial role on the board of RBS Asset Management
(ACD) Ltd. Craig ran the finance streams for several new fund set-up across a number of key brands including Coutts & Co in London. He was later asked to take up the role of Business Lead for certain divestments for RBS Group Plc and develop new strategies for them. Here he turned a £1m loss making Estates Management Business into a £2m profit contributor as well as making a gain o sale of £1.6m for the RBS Personal Tax Services business.

Craig has always had one entrepreneurial eye on how the financial industry is evolving, and how outcomes are being delivered more efficiently with new technology platforms.


In 2015 Craig joined Sage Group Plc (the only tech company in the FTSE100) as Head of Finance for a new B2B Payments Provider called Sage Payments (UK) Ltd. He later led the development of a global payments and banking strategy for Sage Group Plc with the division’s CEO. Craig led finance for this division for 18 months, also running finance for the Groups Business Operations, Services and Customer Experience functions before taking on the role of Commercial Change Director overseeing key strategic projects for the Company.

It is no coincidence that Craig has ended up at the forefront of technology within the accountants and payroll market. He knows how to execute, and he knows how to innovate; which is what Crypton are all about.


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