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“It will change everything, it’s not just an investible product, it challenges the way we do cross-border payments, remittances, financial settlement, supply chain operations, KYC, voting and more. There hasn't been a better time for this, and the distressed global socioeconomic situation is illustrating that".

Alex has extensive experience at top-tier investment banks including J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse in a variety of roles including algo-trading and prime-brokerage. Amongst many accolades, achieving two masters degrees, Alex has also founded award winning start-ups, from wearable devices that monitor skin cancer,  launching satellites into space to disruptive financial technology solutions.

With a strong quantitative background, he has won numerous start-up competitions at his alma mater (Imperial College and Imperial College Business School) and has extensive experience in finance and technology. He has been heavily involved in crypto since 2012, becoming more expert in mining and trading.

At Credit Suisse, Alex was responsible for ensuring the robustness and reliability of automated trading algorithms. He was given a number of responsibilities and challenges, and the systems he built are still being used in production today.

A natural entrepreneur, Alex started coding at the tender age of 13 and his natural gift for absorbing information rapidly, he immersed himself in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies early on. Alex started building trading algorithms for cryptocurrencies in 2014, ones that were faster and more efficient than others. He then founded Quanterium, where he took it a step further by creating an institutional-grade liquidity product for investment funds and asset managers.

As the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder for CRYPTON, his vision is that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will cause a monumental revolution in the finance industry. It’s not just an investible product. It's not just another technology. He believes that it suggests an entirely new way of solving problems, building systems and global networks that will become as big as the revolution of the internet itself.

Co-Founder | CTO  

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